Once rig is created, is there a need for installing instantRig on other machines?

No, you can work with rig on any machine and any native max version 2014 or higher. No need to install anything once rig is created

How many licence should I buy using script on multiple computers?

One InstantRig license is for one user. Users can use their own licensed scripts on any other computer. For multiple users you need to buy new license for each user.

Can I sell or share my product after rigging it with instantRig?

Yes, you are allowed to sell or share your product.

Can I share instantRig with my friends after I buy?

No, everybody has to buy their own instantRig.

Can I use mocap data on instantRig?

No, It’s designed for keyframe animation.

Can I export my product to game engine after rigging it with instantRig?

Yes, rig alows users to bake animation down to it’s deform bones. You can export product any format which 3DS Max supports animation exporting. And you can import your product any program which supports your preferred format.

How do I get refund by instantRig?

If you have any problem caused by product, please send materials prove your problem to support@instantrig.com up to 7 days. After getting approval, you’ll get refund via platfotm which you buy product.

If you have any other question please send to support@instantrig.com